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At  Test And Go we provide a fully compliant electrical testing and tagging service for your workplace. We start with a courtesy call, approximately two weeks prior to your next test due date and finish by providing you with a copy of the test results sheets, as required.

All test equipment used is compliant with AS/NZS3760:2010.

We also offer a minor repairs service which covers things from changing a damaged plug top to replacing a broken or damaged appliance cord.

This eliminates the need to remove an item of equipment from service for the sake of  a 10 minute job.

We will obviously come to your workplace and carry out in-service inspection and testing of your workplace equipment on site or, if required, we can remove certain items from site and carry out the required testing off site. This is often a preferred option for clients who have boxes of equipment to test and who may not have an adequate area to designate as a testing area.

Inspection and Tests.

The AS/NZS3760:2010 has four distinct parts to it's inspection and testing procedure:

1. A visual inspection of the equipment and it's flexible cord.

2. An electrical test of the equipment.

3. A tagging procedure.

4. The documentation.

Suggested Colour Codes.


Dec-Feb                           Red

March-May                      Green

June-Aug                         Blue

Sept-Nov                         Yellow

6 monthly:

Jan-June                         Orange

July-Dec                          White


1 year from test date       Black

2 yearly:

2 years from test date:    Grey

5 yearly:

5 years from test date:    Burgundy


                                                                       Be Safe - Not Sorry.

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