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Test And Go. Portable Appliance Testing & Tagging, Minor Repairs, RCD Testing, Inspecting, Testing and Supply of Fire Equipment. Visual inspections of rigging equipment.

Testing and Tagging!   What is it?  Do I need it?  Why do I need it?

These are probably the three most commonly asked questions with regards to In-Service Safety Inspection & Testing of Electrical Appliances.

 Please take a few minutes to browse our web site and hopefully find the answers. If you are in charge of a workplace; it does apply to you!

Don't take that risk. Contact us at Test And Go and we will provide a free, no obligation quotation to keep your workplace compliant with AS/NZS3760:2010 and Regulation 4.37 of The Occupational Safety & Health Regs 1996.

Be Safe - Not Sorry.


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